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Explore up-to-date tutorials on how to get the most out of our dashboard
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Customising the scoring
This 170-sec video shows you how to create different profiles, and customise them, so the way overall scores are generated will reflect your views and priorities.
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Glass Box
This 150-sec video shows you how we provide analysts with transparent ESG data. Other ESG ratings firms offer you a ‘black box’ - we will always provide you with a 'glass box'.
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The Integrum ESG dashboard uses red-to-green heatstrips throughout, in order to illustrate where a company’s score sits relative to its peers. This 100-sec video explains how these heatstrips work.
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Thumbnail for video 'Managing the account'. Click to play.
Managing the account
This 150-sec video explains how to manage your account, including how to change your details such as your name and email address and how to invite new users to your team.
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Portfolio View
This 120-sec video explains the different features of the dashboard’s portfolio view page.
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Scoring Logic
This 100-sec video explains the 0-4 scoring system applied by Integrum ESG.
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