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Built for investors - by investors
"The Integrum ESG platform is easy to use, and will support our reporting requirements, to...
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Aubrey Capital Management,
Klyzza Lidman & Iain Hay
"The Integrum ESG platform offers transparent data, on its dashboard or through the API, a...
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Ceresio Investors,
Angelo Marotta
"Integrum ESG offer reliable and transparent data, that informs our risk analysis and clie...
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Niall O'Keeffe & Caroline Bradley
We are Insiders, not Outsiders

Our CEO and CTO each spent over 20 years in financial markets. Our founder was an equity analyst for asset management and securities firms, but saw the need for analysts to see the whole picture of a company’s performance - to think about all the stakeholders in a company, not just the shareholders. The need for capitalism itself to become more inclusive.

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So in 2018 we created Integrum ESG

To support investment analysts in this change, we realised we had to provide ESG data that is up-to-date, with a scoring methodology that is transparent and consistent across every company or country. We realised we had to move away from a research model that sends investors frozen pdf reports, with rigid scores that are as much subjective as scientific – so we serve investors with data they can interact with, scored in ways they can customise.

We chose the Latin name ‘Integrum’ because it provides the word 'integrity', but it strictly means ‘whole’. We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that provides asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and financial services companies with underlying ESG data, allowing them to analyse ESG risk, Impact and real-time ESG sentiment through an easy-to-use ESG Dashboard.

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Helping create a world where investors care about sustainability

Our long-term vision is for all professional investors to care about sustainability and good governance, and to be able to tell what is genuine and what is hollow. Institutional investors will care because it will reduce the risk in their investment portfolios; and when they care, the world’s most significant companies will have to care.

Integrum ESG is a tight but growing team based in the City of London, blending Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence to support professional investors, and make this vision a reality.

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