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EDCI reporting with Integrum ESG
3/30/2023 ~ 11:20:17 AM

The ESG Data Converge Initiative (EDCI) was created to provide GPs & LPs with a set of universal ESG data points for all of their PortCos.

Using Integrum ESG’s innovative Direct Entry Model, any GP can easily collect the data needed from their PortCos to submit to the EDCI.

Just send a link to your PortCo - when they have submitted the data, you can see it in the ‘EDCI’ tab on our Dashboard.

All mandatory 11 metrics will be listed and any scores will be colour coded to alert you to any data point which may require your attention.

You can then export all of this information and send it directly to the EDCI.

How can Integrum ESG & Malk Partners help PE firms?

We work with Malk Partners - the pre-eminent advisor to private market investors for creating and protecting value through ESG management and impact investing.

With their expertise and our cutting edge technology - we can guide you directly through the data collection and reporting process.

Satisfying the ESG demands of your LPs has never been easier.

For any further details, do not hesitate to email us via or fill in this form HERE to book in a demonstration on our Direct Entry Model and our EDCI reporting.

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